Automotive Air Conditioning Repair and Service

We live and work in Phoenix. We know how hot it gets out there!

If your automobile’s air conditioning system is not working perfectly, you are in for a rough day. Bring your car in and we will be happy to check out your car’s air conditioning to make sure it’s working the way it’s supposed to.

Our air conditioning services include:

Air Conditioning Service and Recharge Vent repair
Condenser and evaporator installation Fan clutch repair
Free Inspection Receiver dryer repair
Leaking heater core repair Expansion valve orifice tube repair
Cooling systems repair Full hose rebuild – repair – replacement
Automatic climate control repair Programmer repair
Electric blend door motor repair Heater and defroster repair
Auto Air Conditioning Repair Heater control valve repair
Dash control unit repair Heater hose repair
Electric defroster windows Glass repair

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