Automotive Wheel Alignment Service

Looking to get a high quality professional wheel alignment in Phoenix? Come in for a FREE alignment check. We do all the necessary tests with our Hunter advanced alignment technology, and talk you through the report. Help extend the life of your tires with a wheel alignment from your experts at Greg Clark Automotive Specialists.

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Car and Light Truck Front End Toe Setting Facts

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This is the most common angle we set during a wheel alignment. All vehicles have adjustable front toe settings and some even have adjustable rear toe settings.

When the rear end of the vehicle is adjustable it is known as a four wheel alignment. Four wheel alignments typically cost extra but are necessary on vehicles that have rear adjustments.

Facts About Caster Settings

Caster Alignment Angle

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Castor is the angle of the steering axis of a wheel as viewed from the side of the vehicle.
There are three types of Castor measurements. Zero Castor is when the wheel is completely vertical and centered. Negative Castor is when the top of the wheel is slightly towards the back of the vehicle.

Facts About Camber Wheel Alignment Settings

Camber is the angle represented by the tilt of either the front or rear wheels inward or outward as viewed from the front of the car. It is designed into the vehicle to compensate for road crown, passenger weight, and the total curb weight.
When you take your vehicle in for a front end alignment it should be loaded the way it is normally used. If you have a load of bricks in the trunk you should remove them before taking the car in for this procedure.

The Best Way to Get a Good Wheel Alignmentcamber - Automotive Wheel Alignment Service

Knowing about these three basic adjustments coupled with asking our service writers educated questions can give a little extra motivation to make sure your wheel alignment is done properly. Asking for the before and after print outs can also increase your chances of a quality service.

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